What is better, Graphite or NyOil?

Powdered graphite is an excellent friction reducing lubricant.  Pinewood Pro’s PRO Graphite is the best on the market.

NyOil is a thin film lubricant that has some advantages over graphite. Nyoil will stay on your axles throughout the races, whereas loose powdered graphite will blow off your axles each time it runs down the track.  This gives you an advantage with each successive heat because your axles will still have oil on them, while cars lubricated with graphite will slow down as the graphite blows off.

Some races do not allow an oil lubricant and for the reason we mention above, Pinewood Pro invented graphite-coated axles.  Graphite-coated axles will keep the graphite on your axles throughout all your heats!  Track tests proved they are faster than NyOil coated axles. Nyoil MUST be used sparingly, only one or two drops! DO NOT mix graphite and NyOil.

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