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Answers to Lubricant Questions

What is better, Graphite or NyOil?

Powdered graphite is an excellent friction reducing lubricant.  Pinewood Pro’s PRO Graphite is the best on the market. NyOil is...

Should I polish the BSA axles I purchased from you?

Yes, we recommend a light polishing on the BSA axles because they can tarnish over time, even though they are...

Do I still need graphite with graphite-coated axles?

Yes, because you need to work graphite through the wheel bore. Squirt graphite into the wheel bore, spin your wheels...

Are 4 axle grooves better than 2 grooves?

No, our PRO axles are machined axles, precision designed by mechanical engineers. We cut grooves for a purpose. One groove...

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