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When will I receive my order?

We send a Ship Confirmation email with a tracking number when your order is shipped (within 24 hours on a business day).   The title of the email is “Your Pinewood Pro Order Has Shipped!“. Open your Ship Confirmation email and enter the tracking number into the tracking field of the website for whichever carrier you chose (USPS or FedEx) to track your shipment.

If you did not receive the Ship Confirmation email, one of the following happened:

  • The Ship Confirmation email is in your spam folder
  • You had a typo in your email address (please call and we will re-send your Ship Confirmation email)

Tracking NOTES:

We’ve been shipping for 20 years and this is our most frequently asked question. Please note that once we give your package to the carrier it is their hands to deliver it. We’ve found the following notes to be helpful:

  1. The USPS doesn’t always scan packages when they pick them up from our warehouse. We have seen this MANY times in 2019! If the USPS didn’t scan your package when we give it to them, the tracking will only say “label created” with no further tracking. When this happens, we are as frustrated as you are, but there is nothing we can do if USPS doesn’t scan your package. Fortunately, in ALL cases, the USPS has delivered the package.
  2. 1st class mail scanning is not consistent and it is NOT scanned as it goes through the mail stream. 1st class mail is only scanned when it is delivered. Nobody knows (not even the USPS!) when 1st class mail will be delivered! I’ve seen it take 3 days to deliver within the same state, then other times it can cross the country in 3 days.
  3. Priority mail delivery is more reliable than 1st class mail but it is not guaranteed.
  4. FedEx packages are scanned at multiple points during shipment and delivery is dates are consistent.
  5. Inclement weather can affect delivery times.
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