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I did not receive my order, what should I do?

Note that Pinewood Pro has always met our commitment to ship within one business day.  Once we hand your package over to the shipper (USPS, UPS or FedEx), it is in their hands.

We’ve found that the following things have caused lost orders (we’ve been at this for over 20 years!):

  1. First, every carrier is experiencing delays due to the Covid pandemic.  Even guaranteed deliveries can be delayed.  Please allow extra time due to this national crisis.
  2. Check tracking by looking at your ship confirmation email.  Note that USPS only shows when the package shipped.  USPS does not track mail through the deliver route like FedEx and UPS package delivery carriers.
  3.  Look for typos in the shipping address on your original order (check your address on your receipt in your email confirmation).  Is your shipping address and zip code correct? If not, you will not receive a replacement package either!  Call us if your address is incorrect 203-400-3713.
  4. If you chose USPS, their delivery times are not consistent.  We’ve found that even Priority Mail can be delayed.  If you ordered via USPS First Class mail, it can sometimes take a week to 10 days to receive a package!
  5. Severe weather conditions in trucking routes will delay the shippers (USPS, FedEx, UPS).
  6. Heavy shipping volumes the week before and after Christmas can also delay ground shipping.
  7. Next, verify that someone else in the household or a neighbor hasn’t received your package.
  8. Verify that the dog hasn’t taken the package to his favorite hiding place (this has happened!)

While rare, packages can get delivered to the wrong address or misplaced.

Note that it will take time to send you another package, so it is faster if you can locate the original package due to one of the above.

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